About us

Quasar is a specialized company in Digital Marketing. It always led by a passion for creating a quasar in the sky of marketing and innovation. Our uniqueness is the power with which we operate.


To be an obvious option for every organization that aspires to creative solutions in the content creation industry and digital marketing.


We merge imagination with marketing in the creative industry to enable brands grow and be digitally effective

What is a Quasar?

What is a Quasar?

In 1963, a star-like in its brilliance, the astronomical object was discovered. It is on the edge of the universe, billions of light-years away from earth. It has a brightness that exceeds sunlight million times and possesses unexpired renewable energy and bright light that never goes out.

His appearance among the stars and other astronomical objects captures the lights of those around him to shine alone in astronomy, which made us adopt the name Quasar, after the qualities of this charming being.

Our Services

Content Creation

We create content in all its fields, in a different and creative language to express the identity of your organization.

Social Media Management

We enhance the business's interaction with its audiences, to aware consumers about the brand and ensure ease of access.


converting your project from an idea into a visual image. It helps to be always connected in people's minds.

Information Technology

We guarantee your organization is digitally effective through developing websites and mobile applications.

Ad campaigns

In Quasar, we plan advertising campaigns and create concept and content based on the desired goals. Then, we measure their impact.

Digital Marketing

We help you to optimize search engines to increase your website's visibility via SEO and PPC


  • 75%
    Of marketing costs spent on digital marketing
  • 62%
    Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and achieves three times more than traditional marketing
  • 81%
    Of phone owners are looking for online services and products before buying
  • 84%
    Of consumers think they'll find brands online.
  • 1 Trillion
    Of users and more use social networks to search for new products and brands

Digital Marketing

  • Brochures


  • Newspapers


  • Billboards


  • Radio


  • Television


  • Digital Marketing


  • The shift of Marketing that accrue during the past two years equals the total changes of 50 years
    Reported Adobe Company, 2016
  • The shift of Marketing that accrue during the past two years equals the total changes of 50 years
    Reported Adobe Company, 2016

Our Values


We have made it our first approach and our established value since it reflects the concept of doing the work to the fullest.


We took it upon ourselves of being authentic and bold in what we do, independently and uniquely in creativity.


Life deserves to rejoice it. Let's celebrate our successes


We make sure that our purchases are environmentally friendly. We plant also a tree on behalf of clients to share the virtue of achieving this noble mission.

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